Provincial Competition

2017 Provincial Skills Competition Schedule

2017 Provincial Skills Competition Registration

2017 Aerospace Essentials

201Automotive Repair PS

2017 Automotive Repair S

2017 Cabinetmaking PS

2017 Cabinetmaking S

2017 Carpentry S

2017 Cooking Secondary

2017 Electrical Wiring PS

2017 Electronics Scope

2017 Hairstyling S PS

2017 IT Software S PS

2017 Job Search

2017 Job Search Supporting Document

2017 Job Skill Demo

2017 Mechatronics PS

2017 Graphic Design

2017 Outdoor Power Equipment

2017 Public Speaking

2017 Secondary Cooking Recipes

2017 Welding S

2017 Workplace Safety Details Document

2017 Workplace Safety

The SCPEI provincial competitions serve as a venue to promote skilled trades and digital technologies across the Island. Held each year in March, the competitions also serve as the selection process for Team PEI – who represent PEI at the National event.

Registration – registration is open to all high school, post-secondary and apprentice students.

There is a $25 registration fee per competitor payable prior to competition day. Please note the registration fee is payable for no-shows and registration cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to the competition.

One registrant, per competition, per high school will be accepted until after the close of registration. At that time, if spaces are still available, they will be made available to the high schools on a first come – first serve basis. Notification of space availability will be made via email to high school teachers that have expressed an interest in a second spot.